24 Beats (July '11)

Free download here through Waaga Records (many thanks to Matt Kilbourne and Matt Halverson)  
(One of the single most inspiring things I have ever seen in my life is this picture)

My first album (Stitches) was released on December 2009, while Ι was still in Barcelona. It was mainly an SP-404 affair, with some vocals on top. Soon after that, i started working on my next album (Years Not Living) on April 2010, trying to change my sound a little bit: more drums, more layers, more vocals, more percussion, more brass sections and more sophomore typicalities. By August, I decided to move back to my hometown in Greece (Veria, Imathia), to focus properly on that, and Ι was working exhaustively until June 2011. Then I moved to Milan (where my girlfriend lives), putting some effort to calm down after all those months of super intense work.

For weeks I was spending my days in the exact same way: Buying records from flea markets, reading Chesterton, Stevenson and James, going for groceries, listening to Madlib while jogging round the public gardens and deciding not to mess things up with infinite complexities. I was just sampling on my SP-404, deliberately and intentionally trying to copy Madlib.

As anyone would guess, I totally failed. (But there were quite some joyful moments involved)

24 Beats (July '11) is the exact document of this failure.

more info here (via XLR8R)
and an older post in greek regarding the Madlib days in Milan.

(συγγνώμη για τα αγγλικά, αλήθεια)

7 σχόλια:

  1. Ανώνυμος6/1/12 14:47

    φίλτατε Larrygus

    Η "σιγή ασυρμάτου"
    ξαναμετρά την επιθυμία
    και την βρίσκει έφηβη.

    Καλή χρονιά
    γεμάτη δημιουργία
    γέλια μέχρι δακρύων

    ένας βεργιώτης
    α.κ.α. Μανώλης Σκούφιας

  2. Ανώνυμος7/1/12 21:38

    καλος είσαι ρε λάρυγγα, αλλά ξεκαβάλα και λίγο

  3. Ανώνυμος12/1/12 21:48

    πεισενσς, μποι.
    (το λατρεψα πραγματικα το 3.)

  4. alighiero boetti - i sei sensi :)



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