i am afraid

i will eventually have to start writing my blog in english. which kinda sucks because my english suck. and i cant even make one decent joke in english, or even a fuckin' wordplay.

i am confused.

the biggest problem is that although in greek i have a clue of what to avoid when i try to write down my thoughts, i cant even imagine what is a cliche when writing in english.

apart from that, i find that the text above is so boring it hurts.


(was that a cliche too, or what?)


5 σχόλια:

  1. stay in greeksss...

    ορ ραιτ ιτ ιν του λανγατζις :)

  2. english? kanto sta ispanika na min se katalavainei kaneis. re synelthe kai grafe ellinika. lol

  3. η χρήση της λέξης κλισέ ήταν προοικονομία σούγκαρ. αι γαμήσου. :)

  4. Ανώνυμος26/10/09 19:21

    mporeis na to dineis ston ilia gia metafrasi