in ballast to the white #LP3

"the shift was imperceptible. at first a slight change of perspective, a fading and regrouping of outlines. somewhere a focus slipped, a shadow swung slowly across a wall, its angles breaking and lengthening. the motion was fluid, a procession of infinitesimals, but gradually its total direction emerged.

the gymnasium was shrinking. inch by inch, the walls were moving inwards, encroaching across the periphery of the floor. as they shrank towards each other their features altered: the rows of skylights below the ceiling blurred and faded, the power cable running along the base of the wall merged into the skirting board, the square baffles of the air vents vanished into the grey distemper.

above, like the undersurface of an enormous lift, the ceiling sank towards the floor."

από την ιστορία manhole 69, του j.g. ballard (γράφτηκε το 1957)

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